How to match

Yoo, it’s Malaki here to help you out with some tips on how to match and keep your outfits fresh. First things first, your shirt always has to match your shoes, for example lets say you were wearing a white shirt, it would be best to wear white shoes, and if you don’t have white shoes then its best to wear somethings that goes with white like black or red.

Another tip is to make sure that your pants go with your shoes and shirt, for example lets say you were wearing a white shirt and white shoes, I would suggest black pants, red pants, or blue pants, also make sure that if you’re wearing a necklace or something it contrasts with your shirt, like if you had a red shirt wear a black necklace.

Hair styling tips

Yoo, it´s your boii Malaki here to give you some tips on your hair. First things first, you need to realize that certain hairstyles only work for certain types of hair, for example: Fades tend to be for more of curly, and an afro is more for thick and puffy, and then comb overs are for more of slick back and thin.

Personally I prefer afros and if you want to do an afro all you really have to do is blow dry your hair and/or pick it, but it takes time to train it so you gotta be patient. If you wanna do a comb over, you basically just comb it over, so the name is pretty self explanatory, but if you wanna have those one types of comb overs that are puffy and bigger, it´s best to comb or brush it backwards, blow drying your hair for a comb over can make it look bigger and better but it kinda depends on your hair length and type.